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Sheyene Institute conducts applied research and development in Autonomous Navigation Technologies (ANTs) for the purpose of mining, and manufacturing on the Moon, Mars and with asteroids. The primary technical goal of the Sheyene Institute is to develop fully autonomous operations, navigation, and decision-making capabilities for deployment on in situ planetary and lunar missions. Learn more+

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Velodyne LiDar USA & Sheyene Technology

We have been working with Miss Gerardi in the development of a customized micro-LiDAR array with software automation system integration needed for robotic dogs to improve mining operations using autonomous robots. Secondary application of all-in-one micro- LiDAR will be used by Sheyene Institute to carry out research and development in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) and for deployment on in situ planetary and lunar missions.

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Town of Palm Beach awards Sheyene Technology


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Sheyene Technology is now Trusted Government Solutions Provider. 

Sheyene Technology is trusted government supplier to the NNSA`s Sandia National Laboratories; most recently, we have been selected by the Department of Energy (DOE) as team partner to carry out research and development in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV).

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NASA Robotics Competitions

Sheyene is advancing her plan to support both technological literacy and direct participation in space. She is creating a series of robotics competitions, with the goal of replicating it on a global scale. The technological progress achieved through the robotics competitions will be funneled back to NASA missions. Her participation will facilitate her access to its cutting-edge scientific advances, enhancing the existing partnership.

Robots in space - Science fiction?



She arrives looking as glossy as one might anticipate, in black and long blond hair neatly coiffed. She is slim, certainly, but not neurotically so. Instead, her body looks as healthy as her beautiful and animated face. In addition, Sheyene herself has a fascinating and inspiring background and commitment to benefit others. Her voice is soft, but she herself is straightforward, unpretentious and candid to an almost disarming degree. She is not lovely looking, but simply lovely, full stop.  

The former actress and robotics founder candidly shares the challenges she'd faced in her life and expounds upon her plans to take her robotic workforce to space.

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Sheyene Gerardi - NASA CLASS Planetary Landing Research Lab, 2018.

The NASA´s CLASS Planetary Landing Research Laboratory, a node of the Center for Lunar & Asteroid Surface Science (CLASS), was co-founded by Sheyene Gerardi in 2018. The NASA-funded Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science (CLASS) incorporates the NASA centers in the southeast (KSC and MSFC), a wide network of researchers, planetary scientists, geologists, geochemists, dynamicists, engineers, physicists and leading Institutions from across the world to facilitate NASA's exploration.

The NASA CLASS Planetary Landing Research Laboratory is composed of a dynamic partnership between the NASA Kennedy Space Center and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and is headed by UCF Pegasus Professor Daniel T. Britt.