Biogenics Lab

Sheyene Institute Biogenics Lab is collaborating with universities to scout and pinpoint novel formulations that will shape the future of cellular aging. Deep learning neural networks are capable of differentiating into anything from muscle to nerve to skin, retrieving details of cellular anatomy from unlabeled micrographs and revealing sophisticated cell models to unlock trends and patterns that would normally be missed on a manual review, thereby increasing the rate and efficiency of chemical reactions of membrane-bound organelles.

The properties of a formulation are determined by the ratios in which the ingredients are combined and also by the processing conditions. We are using artificial intelligence & machine learning in Microwave-Assisted Strong Acid Wet Digestion Techniques and Digestion Method Optimization.  



Useful rules were generated, highlighting the most important factors for each property and their interdependencies, the binder concentration, the method of addition of binder (wet or dry) and the method of granulation. In all cases, the models generated performed satisfactorily in producing anti-aging, anti-fungal, UV sun exposure and drug delivery through the skin with specific desired properties.


With this database at hand, we are combining neuronal networks, genetic algorithms, big data and academic research to integrate clinical validation protocols to focus experimentation, optimize it, or replace it.


All of our products are created based on the results of clinical studies and are designed to provide maximum yields of health benefiting substances, making our products highly function focused and efficacy driven.

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